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I have 6 kids and soon to be 13 grand kids and I want to do pop ups and sliders and stuff like that in their books so they can interact with it. But every where I read I see - use page protectors. Now how can I do all the fun stuff if I use page protectors? And how do I get the pages stiff enough to hold all the fun stuff? If anyone can help I will so appreciate it.

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Pinecone Press has albums with interactive elements. You can check their website (especially the "blanks") and YouTube videos ("6x6 Tag & Pocket Album"). That might get you started. Good luck!

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You're right, albums with page protectors are designed more to be looked at than interacted with. They do protect your work better though.

I've made mini albums (from 3"x5" to 8"x8") with interactive elements on though. No page protectors, just card-stock or perspex (even stiffened felt) pages, and photos and all the fun stuff stuck or sewn directly onto it. Mine aren't excessively handled, but they have all held up fine so far. If your albums are for little hands, maybe those are the way to go?

Try searching the net for star and backpack mini albums for tutorials on how to make your own. Or go to the Superstore right here (see items attached to get you started - there are 580!!) and search for "mini album" for inspiration.

Hope this helps. Let us know what you decide?
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I've cut slits and flaps in my page protectors to keep the protection in place and allow the interactivity.

Once your page is complete, slide it in the protector and use something to mark where you need the flap/slit/etc. I use the tip of my nail or a pen cap. You just want to make an indentation.

Then I remove the layout and insert a cutting mat and use an exacto knife/razor blade/etc. to cut the plastic.

Also---be sure to punch a small hole at the end of each slit/flap/etc. That will help stop the plastic from ripping.

I hope I explained that clearly enough...!!!

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Strap hinge albums are made so you don't have to use page protectors if you don't want to. They aren't as sturdy per se as a chipboard album, but you could glue a piece or cardstock to the front and back of each page to add color/strength if wanted.

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Creative memories makes and album that you do not necessarily have to use the protectors on (as they slide over the page) I am working on a baby album for my nephew out of that book and have made it interactive, but the truth is mini albums are easier to make into an interactive book

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For a stand alone album:
Start with chipboard, and cover it with paper, then add whatever interactive elements you want to use. Then bind it together with rings or wire (something like a bind it all or cinch work really well)

If you want to add interactive stuff to your main albums, insert your finished page into the page protector, then cut a slit or flap or hole in the page protector so it can be accessed easily.

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