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hey all,
hopefully im posting in the right area
I have been having a HUGE clean out of my scrap stash and the one thing that shocked me was all the patterned paper I have collected over the years.

I am looking at selling alot of papers. my stack of papers come to about 5" high of 12x12 papers.

what I don't know, is what do you think all these papers would be worth to sell. some of them are brand names like Kaiser, we r memory keepers, bella etc and others are not brand names, they come from a packet sold in my local kmart.

would love to hear peoples feedback

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I had a yard sale and let people pick 20 pages for a dollar. I didn't get much but at least I got rid of it. What didn't sell went to my classroom paper drawer and my students were thrilled. Even though I may have paid a lot more.... it was using up space and I knew I was NOT going to use it. The other thing you can do is see if your local hospital has an art therapy area associated with their chemo. unit. Ours does and they really appreciate donations of products. You could even volunteer to teach a one time card or tag making class and bring the supplies. The patients receiving the chemo would be so pleased.

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I do them 5 for a dollar at my yard sale or put together packets if they coordinate.

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I've sold them at yard sales in the past for 5/$1 for nicer stuff and 10/$1 on the cheaper/thinner papers. I did have nicer stuff priced at .25 for individual sheets if they didn't buy in multiples of 5

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