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(For those of you who print pics...)

On average, how many photos (a month) do you think you tend to print (either at home or outside of the home?)

Just kind of curious.

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I only print 8-12 pictures per month at home on my printer, and those are for scrapping purposes. That's NOT what I take on my camera! All those get uploaded off the memory card onto the computer, but only a fraction ever get printed for scrapping.

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  • Quay on 05-08-13 02:24 PM
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I usually wait till I have a million pics to get developed...:) right now I have over 500 pics that need to be developed. Thank goodness for Walmart..they are very inexpensive. Just sayin' hehe

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I usually don't print each month - I do it roughly every four to five months, unless there's a specific pic I need ASAP. I wait for a sale or until I'm running out of pics. My most recent last week was about 250 pics, but was everything since November, including Christmas, plus my son's birthday last June, which somehow got missed in the last printing

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I don't print on a monthly basis to an outside printer. I tend to print at home during the month of LOAD (layout a day) because the prompts are sometimes call for something that I don't have pictures of. I generally print about 200 photos every few months though and I always print when Shutterfly does their 101 free prints

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RedSquirrel UK
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I have been printing ad hoc at home, but have recently got a Snapfish account with some free prints. My home printing this year has been working out at 15-odd per month.

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i print once a month and at home. i started printing that often to keep up with it, otherwise there would be a year unprinted. and i am paranoid that the computer will get goofy and if i print them i have something.

i bought my printer about 5 years ago. it was one of the best things i ever did. i can print when i want, the size i want and without waiting. i use coupons and amazon to keep the cost of the paper and ink as low as possible.

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I print once a year. Every December, I place my order from Shutterfly. It's usually about 1000 pics. Every so often, I'll have to order more, about 30 in addition to my yearly order.

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I don't print at home; those photos won't last as long as professionally printed photos. I print in spurts, what I am planning on scrapping within the next few months. I usually have in mind what I want to do the photos before I scrap them so sizing them is not an issue and it really doesn't take that long to get them processed and mailed.

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Henri Jean
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I use Walgreens for all my photo prints although I would like a printer so I can print smaller sizes. Main reason I haven't is because I have no where to put it!

We have been on vacation for the past 3 months and I will probaby print about 1,500-2,000 when we get home. I print about 100+ a month (more for months when we have big holidays and we are with family).

We take 2 or 3 big vacations a year and that means 1,000 photos for each one.

I delete out 75% or more of the photos I take but this is what is left and I actually print.

After I get through with a layout I take the pictures I didn't use and send them to my mother or to people who are in them. I don't keep them unless they are glued down on the layout.

Sometimes I use some of the photos to cut out letters - I love that effect. I use my Slice for that. For example if I have a ton of beach pictures and am not using them all on the layout the extras I've had printed are perfect for the letters on the layout.

Here is what I'm talking about:

Arizona By Henri Jean

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