Username Post: how do I delete an image that has been uploaded?        (Topic#1588003)
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I uploaded an image and it put two of the same image, how do I delete one of the images. And I don't get the part where I tell about the image. I am so upset with this site. Nothing works anymore!!!!

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RedSquirrel UK
In response to BlancheG.

I don't see anything in your Gallery at all Blanche. Did you figure it out?

Normally, you would edit your image, and just underneath and to the right of it, you will see "Delete" with a radio button. You would click the radio button and click Submit and that would delete the image.

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In response to RedSquirrel UK

Blanche, open the image you want to delete. Below the image on the right click on Edit Image. When you do that you have the area where you wrote your description etc. Just to the right of the image there are radio button choices for what type of image it is. At the bottom of the list is the button to delete. Choose that, SAVE, and poof! all gone.

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