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i am going to be using spray paint on a project.
what do ya'll put down to prevent spraying the table?

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By "spray paint" I assume you mean general hardware store paint that comes in an aerosolized can (like Krylon)? If so - do it outside or in the garage with the door open (as long as you don't have a pilot light in there, like for a water heater). Aerosolized liquids get EVERYWHERE. I put down cardboard or newspaper to protect the ground. Make sure the area is well ventilated, paint fumes are dangerous. And I probably shouldn't say this out loud in public, but if it's a very small, very quick spray job I probably wouldn't use a respirator, although I'm sure many would consider that to be just stupid.

I know there are loc-VOC paints out there, but I would still follow all of these rules for any aerosolized spray.

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Or if you were referring to scrapbook style paints, which are perfectly safe to use indoors, I suggest getting a cardboard carton. I put the to be sprayed item in and spray away.

I also use those lovely paper bags that lss' give me. I just lay them on the table and spray. This works fine for painting smaller items and I have been able to reuse the bag as gift wrap after awhile because the excess paints make beautiful designs.

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As noted, depends on what sort of spray paint you're referring to.

I use a cardboard box lid for spraying small projects.

Outside, well-ventilated, if regular spray paint.

If something like glitter mist, put project inside box (sometimes with newspaper) and spray.

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