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  • lynev on 05-18-13 08:16 PM

I have several Creative Memories albums that I am ready to use for scrapping. The problem is that the pages are white or spargo color and I usually like to start with a large sheet of coloured or patterned paper. If I attach a complete sheet of paper (and layouts) to both sides of the pages, that will make the albums quite heavy. How do other scrapers overcome this 'plain' paper problem?
Anyone tried painting the pages a different color and does that work? Thanks for suggestions.

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  • timon on 05-18-13 08:23 PM
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I am using CM albums right now for my kids' baby albums. I have the old 12x12 style not the true 12x12. when I first started to scrap I just adhered everything to the album page the way they "taught" at CM parties. After I discovered my lss that all changed. Now I cut my cardstock down to the proper CM measurements, create my LO then adhere to the white page.yes, the album is a little heavy, but I also have it packed with pages.

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I had 50 CM albums. I always added cardstock or print papers to them even in the beginning. I added them to every single page but 2 layouts. I just adhered them with my adhesive. They are heavier but I had 40+ pages in them. They were fine. I know lots of people that did the same thing.
You could stamp some of them. I think painting would be good too.

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CM albums are the only thing I will use. I have many, many albums and they are a bit heavy, but I only put 36 pages in each album. I do 'wallpaper' each page with pp or cs. I just don't like working on the blank white page. That's just me.

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I also "wallpaper" the CM albums I use. That way I can move pages around because I don't scrap chronologically anymore (except for our project life books). I never ever build directly on the white page itself. I wasn't ever taught to do it that way.

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sometimes i cut away the paper behind the picture but not to lessen the weight but to add that scrap somewhere else on the page or opposite page.

i wouldnt really stress about it. I love CM albums - they can handle the weight!

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