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I know I am way late jumping on this train......but I've been hesitant because I just couldn't wrap my brain around the structure of the pages. tiny little pockets for journaling and pictures?? 8.5x11 or smaller size pages?? and daily or weekly life, what in the world do you put in there every-single-week?

Anyway, I thought I might just try it for a Project Life Summer album. So, can you help me out with figuring out some things?

1. What do you include in your pages, what kind of topics?
2. What size albums do you use? I've only ever used 12x12 unless it's a gift or mini album.
3. What is the process? Do all the pages use the same color scheme?
4. Any other tips, please share!

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First of all, with any scrapbooking....there are no rules!!!! Make it what YOU want.

Becky Higgins has a great set that has cards, pages, and an album for a great price. That's the easy way to go. But you don't have too. I got mine at
That one is a 12X12 but she might carry other sizes at well. And I saw that Hobby Lobby is gonna carry her line as well.
Target is also carrying We r Memory keepers albums- in 12X12 or 8X8 size. the page protectors with the pockets are the best. Insert a couple of pictures and leave one blank to decorate or to journal! EASY!!!!

I am doing (hopefully) a summer project life book. One photo each day of summer break!!!!

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I did something like a Project Life/December Daily combo last summer using the Simple Stories 6x8 album system (now called [email protected]) and the SS Sumer Fresh line. I didn't have a photo for every day, but I at least wrote something down for each day. It was a lot of fun and turned out really neat, but it's not something I'd do every summer...mostly because it made me take a lot of pictures and even though I had done this summer book I still felt obligate (in my mind and heart) to still do traditional 12x12 LOs of almost all of these events/photos! I got really behind (for me) because of it, but again, I really like the end results.

However, I did not complete each day as the day ended. I kept a very detailed journal of each day's events in a Word document. I ordered photos as soon as the month was over and quickly got to work on the previous month's days. I was done with the book by mid-September at the latest, even with a few pages/photos from Labor Day weekend.

Here's a few of the pages from my book--there are more in my Gallery...

Summer Daily page 2 By HuskerMom98
Summer daily page 5 By HuskerMom98
Summer Daily page 10 By HuskerMom98

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I did Project Life last least most of it (I have the pictures but haven't finished putting them in the album)
These are my recommendations, based on my own experience.... everyone, of course, is different!

I used a 12x12 album and started out doing 2 page layouts for every week, 7 pictures and 7 journalling cards + date card....
It gets to be a would end up with more than one album to do the year for sure!
I started doing one week per page after a little while and found it to work better for me...
I know some people do it by the month...just whatever interesting stuff they do in the month goes into a 2 page spread (or more!)....
Do whatever works for you...

I DID buy the Becky Higgins kit and they are lovely but you don't have to and I found that part way through the year, I ended up wanting to use different stuff anyway.....
I kind of got bored using the same journalling cards and the same pattern papers.....I like to mix it up!
Tons of companies make the 3x4 and 4x6 cards as well as the divided page protectors so you could easily put together your own kit....

I loved that taking pictures every day (most often with my phone because I always had that with me) made me a better photographer....I got better at lining up the shots and experimented with different angles and different subject matter! I started to see "photos" in lots of different items (architecture, nature, manmade structures, strangers...)

I also love that I documented some things that year that I otherwise probably wouldn't have...the places we go for everyday stuff (salon, grocery store, dentist etc..), the food we eat, chores, around our house, weather....

Have fun with it and good luck!

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all right, these all sound like great ideas. Thanks everybody for your input. I think I might look into getting an album and putting my own together rather than going for a pre-packaged kit type. I too like to mix things up and am afraid I would get bored with it all looking the same.
I like the idea of doing a page a week, I am almost certain I couldn't keep up with a page a day!

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