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Guys I need help!

I'm going to another 3 day crop and I'm trying to decide if I should just take the mini album set I'm getting in the mail tomorrow or would you take some layouts and card making supplies?

I'm terrible about putting page kits together but I really don't want to tear everything out and totally pack out like I normally do?


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In response to Sneezy1956

As far as what to work on when you go have to decide what you feel like....the mini album or layouts or cards....

When I went away, I did layouts and I put kits together....
Get a bunch of large bags together (I used bags I got and saved from my LSS) You could use clean grocery bags or some of the layout envelopes that you can buy....
Then I printed my photos and divided them into categories (camping, summer, baby pics, house pics etc...) for different layouts.
I pulled paper that would work for each category and added cardstock that matched...
I added some matching embellishments (twine, washi, flowers, tags, glitter etc..)
I put the photos, papers and embellishments in one bag all together.....
I also took along some scrapbooking magazines and sketch books for inspiration...

I still had to bring my adhesives and all my tools but it ended up being far less to pack with the kits than bringing every piece of twine, washi and button that I own.....
Have fun! I wish I was going again!

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In response to kiyawinn

for a multi day crop I like to bring a single large project per day and a couple of smaller projects - just in case I lose my 'mojo' during the crop.

I don't worry about bringing lots of embellies, figuring if I get the pictures down on pages, I can go back and embellish later.

At home I have the habit of using Iris cases to store 'projects'...where I collect pics, paraphanalia, special papers and embellies.

So I can grab one of my Iris's...bring some extra papers and lots of cardstock, some basic embellies and basic supplies & tools (hate to run out). A couple of idea books also.

then I would bring a couple of project envelopes, with something different...say a couple of pages about dd's birthday...just to break things up IF I get tired of the larger projects.

for example at the last Expo, the first day I worked on pics of Venice (the big project)..a couple of pages to finish my son's Marine Corps album. (the side project)

and for day 2, I brought Hawaii pics with some ATC cards for my small project.


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I think taking the mini album kit is a great idea but if it was me, I would also have to bring something else. First of all, 3 days is a long time. What if you get it done? But more likely for me, I would get bored with it and want something else to work on. So, I would either put together a couple of page kits, or bring an art journal to work in, or some scraps to make cards. Some sort of other project though, just to keep myself entertained.
Have fun!

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I think I will take the albums but I know I will get bored with that. I go to this crop at least 2 times a year and sometimes all 3 crops.

BTW, if anyone is looking for a great weekend Crop Almost Heaven Scrapbook retreats.

If I take my 6 x 6 paper and some black card stock and a few pictures I should be able to do cards and layouts. Many time I scrap 12 x 12 pages with 6 x 6 as much as I do with 12 x 12 papers. If I take my clip it up all of my embellishments are on it and my cricut and I should be set

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