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AFter years of boxing up my photos for another day when I will get them put on fancy pages in CM albums I have decided to make the switch to pages with photo sleeves. Slip them in make a journal box Done. As a devout user of CM albums & pages my head is swimming on brands. First & formost I want good quality 12x12 photo safe, archival, acid free or whatever term means they won't fall apart & will keep my pictures safe for years to come. I still want to be able to mix in an occasional traditional/fancy scrapbbook layout for something special. Also be able to add newspaper articles, be able to showcase horizontal & vertical pictures without cropping. I am not a fan of the 3 ring binders. Whew, thats a lot of info. Thanks in advance for any insight

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Have you considered using CM's picfolio albums? They are a great way to slip photos into a quality album quickly and create journaling boxes, add embellishments as you'd like.

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If you do a search here in the store for albums or page protectors you will come up with tons of options....

I use the WE R Memory Keepers albums and page protectors but I like the 3 ring....I find it much easier to add, remove and shuffle pages and also easier to turn pages looking through the album.....but they have postbound as well...
There are lots of options for snap load and postbound, I believe.....

The page protectors come in different configurations and that's where you can choose if you want horizontal, upright, sizes etc...
You can get some with different sized slots to add ephemera etc.....

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I mix traditional 12 x 12 scrapbook pages with 12 x 12 photo sleeves. They blend right in together.

WHen I have a lot of pictures for one event I scrap a page or two and then follow with the photo sleeves and it works really well so far.

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Thanks for the input. I have decided on a post bound album because we do not like the look of the tan pages of the CM picfolios or the big binders. A few questions for those that use this type. Is the "We are Memory Keepers" a good quality. I don't want the seams to come undone. Do the pictures fall out since they are top loading. I read a review that said they do...that they should be center & left & right loading but I can't find those. Has anybody every tried the Hobby Lobby brand? Thanks again

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I really like the WRMK pages and have had really good luck with them--I used them exclusively in 3 3-ring albums and also use some of them in my regular postbound scrapbooks (Pioneer brand) when I have too many photos to scrapbook for an event/occasion. Depending on the postbound album, you shouldn't have an issue using the ones designed for a 3-ring albums in the postbound album--the holes should line up, but there might be an issue of height...I only mention this because I am not 100% sure if the wide assortment of WRMK pages come in both 3-ring and postbound formats.

I have yet to have any issues with my photos falling out, but I did decide to discreetly tape in some of the bigger pockets (4x12, 6x12, 6x8, etc.) just to be safe. Some of the papers on the top sections of the papers would start to migrate up, but were never in a position where they'd fall out...just possibly get bent/ripped/wrinkled.

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