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I've invested all this time, and effort into my Project Life spreads for the past 3 years now. As much as I enjoy capturing the everyday moments that otherwise wouldn't get captured or documented, I find myself thinking isn't it more important to video tape these moments?

Years from now wouldn't our kids rather see more videos of themselves, and the continuation of their everyday activities, what they did next, or hear more of their voices, get a better glimpse of their room, etc? I know personally I would have loved to see myself more in videos than I would have in actual pictures, yet Project Life seems to make all the focus about the photos, so much so, that taking video seems to be an afterthought.

Just wondering if anyone has thought of this, and what your opinions are?

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Yes---but the problem is the ever evolving technology! My Mom did a great job of taking lots of videos of every day things when we were growing up, but that was on VHS tapes and not everyone has a VHS player. Of course our other issue was that home video tapes periodically either got lost or taped over...

But my Mom also took a lot of photos (events and everyday) so I guess I can't really complain.

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I don't do PL, but I do agree with you that videos would be my preference for capturing every day things. I would love to hear the voices, hear mom's laugh, hear the funny way aunt mae says bless her heart...

But I also remember when my family got our first camcorder. We have so few pictures from those times because we were so excited about the camcorder, and it would be nice to have some regular pictures to look at.

But it seems like with most cameras today, you can do both. I know that for most of the newer digital cameras, they have pretty good video functions and then you can take a frame out of a video and scrap that. Or it's even really easy to switch from video to stills and back. My sister has a TON of videos on her iPhone. You can even get those little qr codes, put it in a scrapbook, and when you scan it, it opens a webpage that has a video that you made.

The changing technology is a good point but now that almost everything is going digital I think it will be easier to manage than all the old cassettes. I have a box of old tapes that I need to convert to DVD at some point.

Now, I will say, there is something to be said for shorter videos. I can't tell you how many times I've sat through old family videos and they were sooooo long that they were painful to watch. If I did videos, I'd probably make them shorter clips.

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I may have this pov because I'm 'older', 51, but the obsession with recording everything, even photographing everything, seems a little over the top sometimes.

Yes, it's lovely to look back at photos, videos are great but I sometimes think that when you're busy recording, peering through the lens, you're not actually living that moment fully *today*. Of course I take photos, I have videos of my kids, but I'd rather fully enjoy the moment as it happens rather than half be involved/half be snapping or recording it just so I can look at the picture/video years from now.

I think there needs to be balance otherwise 20 years from now you'll have photos of everything but only vague actually memories.

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I found the solution - do both. Most cameras and phones do both. AND, there is a way to make a Q-Code to include on your layouts. It's a link to a YouTube video that you can scan and watch on your phone. I've seen MANY bloggers do this (A Vegas Girl at Heart comes to mind). Best of both worlds. You can make your YouTube channel private, meaning only family or friends can view your videos, if privacy is an issue for you. And you can include the little Q-Code thing as a flair button or other embellishment on your page. Pics and video on the same layout. Hope that helps!

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I take mostly photos, but I also take some video. I just make sure that its not hours and hours of boring video and 30 seconds of good. I edit my videos A LOT. I also edit my photos like crazy. I don't mean as in using photo software, but as in making sure that I don't have 10 photos of dog drinking water, if you know what I mean.

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Thanks for sharing your views, I actually thought of trying the Q-code idea, just hope it's not a fad that fades out in the near future.

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