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  • KDuff on 06-22-13 01:46 AM

I want to make what I'm calling portrait albums for my daughters - separate one for each girl. I'll use photos that feature just her; the occasion of the photo is beside the point. 30+ pictures of each girl. I'm not a really creative person, so I'm looking for some advice. Has anyone done this? Any ideas?

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the first thing that came to my mind was you need to show off the portrait type images. Create pages with large images using scrapbooking elements that compliment and relate to the photos. The focus should be on the photos...
what that means to me is extra effort when mating or framing the photos. Using materials that draw the colors out in the photos. Concentrating on what is being conveyed in the image. Example: you have a fantastic photo where your daughter's eye color is beautiful. So you work on creating a page that draw attention to this and her emotions through her eyes, instead of say creating a cowboy retro page and slapping this photo in the center. (Sorry if that was a jab at cowboy retro themed pages, I am just trying to make a point).

So you are looking for ways to showcase the photo not showcase scrapbooking techniques & embellishments. And sometimes that means scaling back on layers and embellishments. The gallery is an excellent resource for inspiration.

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Create the scrapbook, with each picture, match if the certainty of unique for the counting each page depth. One for metallurgy consider, have suitable picture on the page, do this time equal in frame knowing. Not complete scrapbook of person when page match is range, perhaps check different, I hope your scrapbooks are happy! Your friend, Wafatah

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I just finished an album using all the 8X10 photos my mom had of me from a baby up until I started Kindergarten. I used 2 colors (blue and purple) and dragonfly embellishments to tie them all together. I used patterned paper with these colors but made sure they were not real busy. Good Luck! I am sure they will love them.

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Do you have the photos already, or are you planning to have it as an ongoing project - and will include the future photos? If you have them already, it makes sense to have a paper stack or a collection and have a theme album to tie them all together. If you are scrapping as you go, I'd say just put the layouts chronologically and leave the rest to the occasion. the photos will be different enough and you will want to showcase them individually, not tied with the theme or colors.
You might consider getting an 8*11 album (with page protectors), as they are awesome for portrait shots.
I'm making something of the sort with my boys - I have three albums running - one individual for each of them (just one boy, his shots - casual, portrait, school, sporty events, candid, etc). chronological and dated. and a family album for everything else - events we attend together, birthday parties for adults, day to day pages, family pages, all the rest.

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