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If scrapbook with mistake, do enter a match, or that contain same future, create final eternal for see? I pronounce mistake for one scrapbook, I will not only choose, pronounce unchanged scrapbook greater memory. I accept beyond perfect. Persons capture the regret when never happy, it is the learn. I fixed this word. Good day to you, Wafatah

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RedSquirrel UK
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Hello Wafatah.

If I make a mistake in my page I will correct it, somehow. I don't like seeing bad grammar, incorrect spelling or errors in labelling.

If I have positioned something badly, or written in the wrong place, I don't change it.

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Hello there!

I remember that I made a spelling mistake on a page and reprinted the journaling to fix it. Had to make a bigger journaling block and adhere it over the first one. Although many embrace the imperfections in scrapbooking, I just can't stand making a spelling or grammatical error on my own pages!

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If it was a spelling error in journaling or the title, I'd fix it. If it was some other mistake, I probably would just leave it, depending on how difficult it was to change it.

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