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So I have finally gotten around to removing all my photos from magnetic albums to put in my new We R Memory albums and after remembering that I had a ph pen, started to use it. Just about every photo I had printed at Walgreens is showing up acidic! I read online that there are deacidification sprays the most promising being Archival Mist by EK Success, however, that has been discontinued and the other options warn against using on the actual photos:( What makes matters worse is some I do not have a digital of and we are about to move which is what prompted me to get this stuff together. Does anyone have any suggestions? The photos printed on acidic paper that are already scrapped in the new albums, are they harmful to the non acidic photos or are they safe? Thanks so much for any help!!!

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I thought that photos do not have - cannot have - a neutral pH because of the production process. I expect if you tested all photos from practically anywhere, they would show up as acidic.

But that pH is correct for the photo. If we add more acid by using non-acid-free materials, it upsets the photos' chemical balance which damages the photos. That's why we need to protect them from getting worse, by using acid and lignin-free materials. And you're right, those sprays are not designed to be used on the photos themselves.

Another possibility for your photos is that the acid in the adhesive in the magnetic albums could have leached into the photo paper making it more acidic. I don't know of a solution to that, other than just rescuing them and putting them in an acid-free environment.

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Oh no! I hope it all works out!

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