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I am looking for some "flesh" colored cardstock for the Prima doll stamps. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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RedSquirrel UK
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What kind of "flesh" - are you looking for Afro-American, Asian, Indian, Caucasian etc.?

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I've seen packs of papers at HL, Michaels, etc that are "flesh" tones and have different colors to represent different color skin.

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The last time this subject came up, it was quite a discussion!

As Rosey pointed out, obviously, people do not have the same color skin.
What type of flesh are you looking for?

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ROFLOL, At first I read this as "FRESH" instead of Flesh colored. I thought what the......??????? are they talking about? Ok, I need new glasses for sure.

There is a flesh tone if you want to call it that at M's. I almost got some yesterday because I've used it before and liked it. For lack of a better description it is Not Pink and Not Beige. It was 8.5x11. Possibly Bazzill. I might even be this Adobe, I can't say for sure looking at it here.

This is of course making the assumption that you are looking for Caucasian skin tone. You've picked a hard one to accomplish!

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