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Hello thanks for stopping by! I have my very own scrapbook room FINALLY!!! I do not have my own computer hooked up with internet yet so bare with me NO PICS!!
I bought of $6 a peg board and put it above my white long table! I have two brown bookshelves and a brown wooden table for my cricut! I need HELP figuring out what to do with my room next. I mean one of the brown wood shelves is leaning like the tower of pissa!!! HELP needed and btw I am on a major tight budget!!! THANKS LADIES!!!

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Congratulations on your OWN room and I'm so envious! LOL!

I'm not sure what to suggest next, other than fixing your leaning tower before loading it up with all your fun stuff. If it's leaning because it's overloaded, I'd redistribute stuff or make sure it's not broken somewhere. If it's just always going to lean no matter what and you don't think it'll actually keel over, maybe you could cram it in a corner so it can't fall over but you can still use it.

Don't know if that helps, but I think it's so cool you've got your own room!

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Hi and congratulations on getting your own space, that is 80% of the battle. I recommend that you look under the gallery here at scraprooms where people share photos of their space. It varies widely with scrapper taste and budget. Also there is a free class under the Classes tab called Get Organized. I'm doing that one lots of tips.

Lots of storage products in the Superstore here as well.

If you have specific question about anything, there is always someone who can answer.

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I'd look around the house for things you already have that you can use for storage. Shoeboxes for ribbon, salt and pepper shakers for glitter, plastic totes, etc. Have fun!

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Congrats to you!

You've got some good suggestions already.

Here are some repurposing threads that might be useful to you:

Also, there is a class in Scrapspace: Storage and Organisation that you could sign up for. There are lots of experienced people there sharing what works and what doesn't work - you could get some good ideas and decide what NOT to do! Here is the link:

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