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My husband and I just purchased our first home. I wanted to make a small album about what it looked like when we moved in, what we do to it and the result. However, I can't find many home related scrapbook stickers or paper. Any suggestions?

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Maybe some home improvement/construction type stuff?
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The Craftsman Collection might be cool, it's pretty arty looking if you like that.

Also there are lots of tool time, kitchen, and gardening collections to select from as well.

I would probably choose the Bo Bunny Welcome Home Collection or Kaisercraft Homemade and go from there.
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I found scrapbook paper that looked just like graph paper - it was 6 years but I've seen it recently.

I drew out each room in my house - two graph squares to each room of the house so I had a drawing of each room. I also did walls in each room with window sizes, etc. Even placement of windows and doors in each room.

Then I put pictures and samples of paint and fabrics in the book. It's a functional scrapbook as I like to call it.

When we bought new carpet - they could get the measurements for each room for my scrapbook. When we went out to buy blinds for the house I grabbed my scrapbook.

When I wanted a bulletin board for my office I grabbed my scrapbook so I could see how much distance is between each part of the wall and the windows or doors.

Even when we've gone for shelves or furniture - the book goes!

But looking through it, with all the pictures in it, its a pretty scrapbook.

The only paper I used was the graph paper.

I just bought a beautiful die cut that says, "We've Got the Keys" and the paper that goes with it has house keys all over it. I really have found quite a bit of stuff for new stuff for homes. I found several cardstock die cuts that say, "Moving Day" or "Unpacking boxes" which are really cool. Found a few things that say "Home Sweet Home" and one that is an overlay shaped like a house with openings for pictures.

PM me and I'll send you links to find some of this stuff although I don't know right off where to find graph paper in 12 x 12 scrapbook pages. I just seem to stumble across that occasionally.

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If you have a cricut machine, there's a "Handyman" cartridge available.

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I would just go with colors that feel "homey" to you, it doesn't have to be a specific home collection. Then I would just get stickers and embellies for each room or tool ones if your fixing stuff up, etc.

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