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This is probably a silly question but here goes...

I have been sending my pictures to snapfish to have them printed. They offer a 4x6 print and also the option to have them printed "true digital" which is a little smaller print. I just ordered a bunch of prints and some of them are cropped so that my people are missing heads! I had checked EACH photo to be sure the cropping was correct. daughter doesn't have that problem with the photos we upload from her camera. I have heard that it depends in part on how your camera is set. My camera is currently set at 1600x1200. I there a better setting to get a 4x6 picture to be the whole photo without them chopping off from each edge?

Also, my cousin took some photos for me at a family function and he used a wide format. Anyone have any suggestions as to where to get them printed? Can't do it at Snapfish...not an option. Unfortunately in a really neat group photo of my parents and my mom's siblings it cuts my dad and mom off every matter what I do! very frustrating so any suggestions will be appreciated! THanks in advance.

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I used to have that problem, but I learned that if you use Picasa or Photo shop to crop the picture to a true 4x6 before uploading to a photo site, then their software doesn't crop for you.

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It could be the aspect ratio.

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Did you crop to 4x6 then choose "true digital" prints? If so, true digital is not 4x6 and it would cause strange cropping. Conversely, if you upload the photos without cropping to 4x6 and choose to print 4x6 you will also get strange cropping.

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