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Hi Everyone- what do you think about the new Zink Happy Printer on HSN today ? - I am very close to ordering it - thought my daughter would love it for her Instagram and Facebook photos?

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I honestly don't think I would use it. I think it would be great for certain uses..just not something I would do.
If they ever come out with something that can do 4x6 like that..I'm there.

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IDK about the one Becky and Lisa are selling, but my friend has a inkless printer she bought on Amazon a couple of years ago and the picture quality is good for Smash books and such but if you wanted good quality pics, this will not be how you get them. Plus the pics are small. But then again, I'm going off the printer she bought a couple years ago. Perhaps technology has improved enough that the Zink Happy Printer is much better! It's pricy though so I certianly hope so!

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Not for me. First of all, I don't use a smart phone or a tablet so I have no use for it. But at a cost of 10 cents per inch of the special paper, it adds up. Do the math. I can't see using strips of paper to make a large picture. It comes with a sticker backing, but what if you want a business card?

It reminds me of the old Polaroid photos, that used special paper. What happens after a few years? Will it fade away or deteriorate with time?

I really don't think this product will do well after it's released to the general market. It's just taking advantage of the craze with smart phones.

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i thought it was just one more machine that i have to buy refills fo.

I did , however, like the book heidi swapp did. i'm going to scraplift that idea.

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