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For the ScrapRack-Multicraft Storage System-"70 Page"-Variety Pack," the image in the description says "10 pages of each" but below that it says: "35 storage pages total." Which is the correct number of pages: 70, 10, or 35? This product description is highly confusing!

Thank you to anyone who has the answer! Linda

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I don't actually know, but I'm guessing that there are 5 each of the 7 different styles for a total of 35 storage pages. Since each can hold items on the front and back, that's 35 pages x 2 sides each = 70 individual sides. Does that make sense?


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I don't know what you're looking at... it's not "misleading" in the least.

There are 2 different variety packs. One comes with 70 pages (10 of each design), and the other 35 pages (5 of each design).

The one you linked has this description:

Each package includes:
Ten super sized single storage pages
Ten double x-long storage pages
Ten triple play storage pages
Ten fabulous four storage pages
Ten fantastic five storage pages
Ten perfect six storage pages
Ten straight eight storage pages
70 storage pages total

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The superstore has two listings. One for a 70 page variety pack. One for a 35 page variety pack. They're clearly labeled. The listing for 70 (the one you linked) says nothing about 35, as that is the other listing.

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We did have the descriptions for the 2 items switched around. The title and image both matched, but the description for the 35 showed 70 and vice versa. This has been corrected, which is why it is not reflecting that anymore.

Sorry for any confusion!

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does anyone know if these fit into other 3 ring systems? like the Paper Sticker Binder or the Memory Dock?

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