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Gelidy Gelato
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Gelidy Gelato

I have been reluctant to jump on the chalkboard trend, after it became all-the rage, but I did come across some free chalkboard fonts today and I have to say, they are cute!
for anyone that's interested,
do a search on 20-free-chalkboard-fonts
(as I can't post the link according to board rules)

So what do y'all think about the chalkboard design trend? I think we have only just started to see it's impact in scrapbooking.

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I've done other chalkboard crafts, but not in scrapbooking.

I like it, but I can imagine it getting old (especially after everyone paints an entire kitchen wall in chalkboard paint).

I think the chalkboard font or design would be great for back-to-school layouts. I virtually stopped doing first day of school layouts, because they all started to look the same.

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I have a couple really cute chalk fonts as well.....Caveat! Stock up on black ink if you are actually going to use them! The printer uses a lot of black ink to print up a chalkboard tag with chalk writing!

I actually have some chalkboard paper from Quickutz and Canvas Corp. that I got years ago...
I like using chalkboard elements....I used to use it just on my school layouts for my son but they're coming out with chalkboard stuff in Halloween and Christmas now and that's cool!
I'm planning on trying to print on the chalkboard paper with my Cameo and the white sketch pen but I haven't tried it yet.....

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Not enamored yet but I am always late to the party. Probably just about the time the trend is over I'll finally 'get it'.

But now? Well not so much. Reminds me too much of all the chalk I used to wear when I taught.

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I like how it looks, but its just not my style for scrapbooking.

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