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I am looking into purchasing a Cricut and am wondering which one to get. Can anyone help me?

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Kinda depends what you want to do, I have them all but the Imagine, it was the one that prints and cuts, but I'm not sure they are still being made. Of all of mine, I like the Mini the best.
I think it cuts better for some reason. But it is made to be used with the Cricut Craftroom online program, which is free. The machine only cuts 8 1/2 x 12 - so if you're looking for the full 12x12 cuts, then this machine wouldn't work for you. But you should be able to find it on sale under $100. I got mine for $89. At Joanne's.
My next favorite is the Expression,( used it the most and the longest ) I also have the E2 but don't like that one as much, I didn't like having to do everything with the screen and stylus,
Trying to remember what all the icons stood for, etc.
that being said, I always used my Gypsy, so all the controlling went thought there, not giving the E2 a fair shot!! I once used the E2 w/o the Gypsy and couldn't even figure out how to unload my mat! On the regular E, all you do is press the unload button!
Of coarse with all the Cricuts you have to own the cart to cut with it. The Craftroom has, I think 2 carts (fonts and a few basic shapes ) that is free with the program. But every week they put something free to cut, sometimes full carts.
That making it also the cheapest way to go!!
Good luck!

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I have the Expression, and I like it. However, I think a lot of people who are looking to purchase a new machine are turning to the Silhouette/Cameo instead. No cartridges to buy, lots more features - and it hooks up to the computer so it can cut anything. I'm not going to spend that kind of money again because my Cricut does an okay job, but if I were starting from scratch right now, I wouldn't get one again - I'd get the Cameo instead.

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If you want my honest opinion, I'd get a Cameo. I had the regular Cricut and the E. I liked them, but the Cameo is the cheaper way to go!

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I have the expression and love it. You can just turn it on and cut right away without computer. The cartridges are pricey but I never paid more than $30 for mine on Ebay or other online websites.
Had the E2 for two weeks and sold it. Don't like to loose too much time on the little screen. I prefer having a keyboard.

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