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Hello....I'm new to scrapbooking and bought my paper trimmer about 3 weeks ago. So it's fairly new.
I'm starting to get raggid edges on my cuts. Does this mean the blade is getting dull already and if so, is there any way to sharpen it?
If I have to buy blades after so little use I will be very disappointed in this Fiskars product.
Thanks in advance for any help.
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I use my blades for a very long time before needing to replace them. They do get dull faster when trimming photographs. Three weeks does seem too fast. Fiskars has an excellent customer service department. Contact them and they can troubleshoot the trimmer with you and possibly replace the blade if it's faulty.

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I have either this trimmer or one that uses the same blade and I never use it because of the ragged edges it ALWAYS makes - even with a new blade. My mother has one that uses a different blade style and I love hers, but have been very disappointed with the one I have. I wish I could tell you better news, but I have never been able to make my work right.

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Are u holding the clear plastic bar down with your left hand to steady the paper? And more importantly, are you pressing either to the left or right? This is something that may cause the dragged edges...the wire has to remain centered, so press firmly down and not right or left. If the blade cartridge moves the wire then the cut can be ragged or crooked.

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Mine lasts forever before I have to change the blade. You may have gotten a faulty one. Call them up and see if they'll replace it.

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I had the same issue with my trimmer. I just got new blades n didn't have a problem after that.
But I didn't know that cutting photos dulls the blades, so that could have been it

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I have a Fiskars trimmer that takes the same blade style. The other thing that I found out after the fact is that they sell two types of blade style I's. One is "regular" and one is Titanium. You want the Titanium. They last considerably longer and aren't that much more expensive. I don't even know why they sell the two types.

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