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Hi! I am new to scrapping and would like to do a combination of digital and paper scrapbooking. Can anyone give me some advice on scrapbooking software?

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Hi KGrams! There are so many options for software out there, but here are a few suggestions. There is a free program called GIMP (just Google it and their site will come up) which may be a great beginning program as it is very easy to use, and gives you some options using digital products to shadow, print, resize, etc. If you are looking for a program that you can have for years but still use as a being new to it, I would recommend Adobe Photoshop Elements. There are tons of tutorials on their site (as well as all over the internet) to get you going, and as you become more advanced, you can explore more options of the program without having to now purchase something new.

Good luck with it, and hope you have fun!

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Hi, I use CraftArtist Professional 2 (CAP2). I highly recommend it because it has a SUPER user friendly / easy to understand interface as well as still having the capability to do just about everything Photoshop does. To be honest, I haven't found anything that can be done in PS that I haven't been able to duplicate in CAP2.

The software also has a full photo editor built into it so you won't need a separate program to edit your photos either.

Let me know if you end up picking it up. I'm MORE than willing to help you figure it out and there are lots of tutorials built into it. They do run sales periodically for it as well even full price ($35 ish) is far less than photoshop.

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