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Ok, so I can't figure out how to put a response on my original post! I just wanted to thank everyone for the welcome and tips on how to get started on the site. I am so looking forward to seeing what there is to offer!


Henri Jean
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Henri Jean
In response to veronicajamieson

Just scroll down a bit and you will see a box to type in and it will be addressed to the last person who posted on the thread.

Or look in the top right corner of your original post and it will say reply and that will get you to the empty box to type in.

Either way, scroll down to the words "Add Post" below what you just typed.

RedSquirrel UK
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RedSquirrel UK
In response to Henri Jean

Yes, you can either use the Quick Reply box at the bottom of the thread, or you can click on the Reply at the top of a specific post. They both do the same thing, except Reply gives your more options like adding italics or bold to your post, including links and images.

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