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I have been looking for a new brand of album. Since I mostly do double layouts I would like to get a postbound album so both sides of the layout are shown close together.

I also like to put a lot of layouts in one album so I would like a sturdy one that has 3 screws or even 4 screws to hold it together. I cannot find any information how many screws are used with the product information!

Which brand would you use?

Thanks and greetings from Germany.

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I use 3-ring binders now, but I have several K & Company post bound albums. They have 3 posts. You can buy packets of screws to add to them. Any of the big box stores like Hobby Lobby or Michael's have the extra posts. The K & Company albums are very well made. I've been really pleased with them. I just usually have too many embellishments for a post bound album to lay flat.

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I know that pioneer has post bound albums

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