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Hey y'all. New to the site and honestly have never made a scrapbook before. I'd like to create a wooden covered book, but struggling with how to bind the actual book together with the cover. The pages are not goin to be extremely thick, so I was thinking about having them bound at Office Depot or something with a thick cover. I could then glue that to the wooden cover and back.

I'm open to any suggestions as this is the first for me. I just do not want the book pages to tear out if I use ribbon or something like that.

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Hi and welcome!

The only problem with wood is that it is not acid-free, and is definitely not lignin-free. That means that your photos will eventually yellow and deteriorate, starting with the pages closest to the covers. If you are making the book to pass on to your descendants then that would be an important consideration. If it is just for you, then you don't have to worry.

Again, Office Depot isn't going to be worried about using acid/lignin-free materials for binding either. Have a look at the albums in the Superstore here for a bit of guidance. They are mostly made up of acid-free clear plastic page protectors which the pages slot into, and the page protectors have holes down the sides for binding. The binding method is either steel posts which screw through the covers, metal D-rings/2 or 3 rings which open and close for easy access to add and move pages around, or plastic strips which clip onto the front and back covers. I'll add links so you can see what I mean.

Maybe you could attach your own wooden cover to the outside of an album to help to protect your photos from the wood?

It's an interesting concept. Wood is so beautiful. Let us know how you get on?

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