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RedSquirrel UK
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RedSquirrel UK

I've always been slightly intimidated by the Challenges forum here on I've just had a look now, and it appears that all the challenges that award official prizes are company-specific, like G45 or Websters. Is that right?

Does anyone know, are there any technique or theme challenges on which any products can be used? I'm not talking about the informal challenges; I already participate in some of those. I mean the ones that offer prizes - I've never entered those before on here.

I'm scared to ask the question in the Challenge forum because it seems only to be for challenge threads.

I also don't understand how the new Challenges Gallery works - does it have to be used? Or can challenges be posted just as threads?

Thanks in advance!

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I don't know about the prizes, but the challenge gallery is easy to use. You just click the "join" button and when you upload (or edit) your lo, you will have a list of the challenges that you joined (the challenge gallery challenges) and you just click the box for the challenge that lo belongs in. The lo will automatically be added to that challenge..although I usually go and put my lo in the challenge 'discussion' or thread, too, because I'm weird like that.

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In response to justowen

yep me too. The "add to challenges" button is nice for the "official" prize challenges, but for the informal ones - theme or technique based - it's the thread that's primary. There are challenges where you can only enter once and just share the other, or with multiple categories (like sketch challenges) - can't really do that in the challenge gallery.
As for the official challenges being product based - well, it's a store and a business after all, it makes sense to keep it product focused.

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