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Username Post: October Cricut Challenge-Closed and Scrapping        (Topic#1591231)
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Sign ups close on October 2nd- midnight CST or when we reach 25 participants

Please sign up for the challenge. Because we have so many projects each month I need to limit the participation to about 25 or so participants.
All cricut projects are welcome to be posted here by participants for sharing ..... but 3 (three) projects are required to "complete" the challenge.

October Twist: a pumpkin, a witch or a ghost

All projects MUST include something cut with your cricut .....please remember to let us know what cart you used!

At the end of the month (October 31st) there will be a random drawing for a RAK from all participants who have completed the challenge (3 projects).
If everyone that signs up submits at least ONE project I will give away a CRICUT CARTRIDGE.
There will also be a drawing for an RAK for completing the challenge and doing at least 1 twist (3 projects with at least 1 twist)

Remember to save this thread to your favorites for easy access. And please CHECK IN at least once a week so I know you are still playing.

submitted at least one project
completed 3 projects
completed 3 projects and a twist

Norma (njr007)
1. Donna (dkscrapper)
2. Michelle (melissadam)
3. Carol (NMScrapper)
4. Trish (ChansGram)
5. Susan (scrapnut18)
6. Sharon (Sewflake)
7. Marty (ScrappinTraveler)
8. Henva (StopnStare07)
9. Kristie (LotsToScrap)
10. Sandra /(nansan)
11. Amanda (scrapanda)
12. Tina (tinadn)
13. Sonja (SonjaC)
14. Vicki (happy go lucky)
15. Julie (julie 101)
16. Becky (Aunt Jo)
17. Rhonda (YourScrapAttack)
18. Melanie (lamoo12)
19. Anna (AnnaC)
20. Mandi (briannasmom)
21. Lisa (lpeeps)
22. Marci (Marcilb)
23. Renay (renaylucy)
24. Stacey (cpowife)
25. Pam (Pam in Tx)
26. Linda (boricuapr)
27. bellesmommy05

1. fall cleanup By Melissadam
2. dog By Melissadam
3.-4. play By Melissadam
5. scenic route By Happy Go Lucky
6. Monopoly By Julie101
7. Brooke By Sewflake
8. create By Melissadam
9. bat By Melissadam
10. family is great By Melissadam
11.-12. Gifts By Scrapanda
13. Cheryl's Bridal Shower Cake By Scrapanda
14. Twice the Trouble By Sewflake
15. Sunset of your Childhood By Sewflake
16. someday...somewhere... By Marcilb
17. Trick or Treat Swap: Embellished Photo Mats By Stopnstare07
18. Spring garden By ChansGram
19. Family By ChansGram
20. Fun @ the park By ChansGram
21. Good Times By ChansGram
22. best wishes By Melissadam
23. happy baby By Melissadam
24. Fall By ChansGram with twist
25. Mummy Halloween Treat Bag By Cpowife with twist
26. October Die Cut Swap By Bellesmommy05 with twist
27. Let's Do Lunch By NMscrapper
28.-29. On the Road to I Do By Scrapnut16
30. LOTW-mine! By SwapPicsOnly
31. LOTW-mine! By SwapPicsOnly
32. LOTW-Mine! By SwapPicsOnly
33. Piggie crowns By Lamoo12
34. King Pig Cupcake By Lamoo12
35. Stupid Mom Moments By Lamoo12
36. love By Melissadam
37. love By Melissadam
38. spring By Melissadam
39. hi By Melissadam
40. best wishes By Melissadam
41. thanks By Melissadam
42. my boys By Melissadam
43. lola By Melissadam
44. October Die Cut Swap By Bellesmommy05 with twist
45.-46. On the Road to I Do By Scrapnut16
47. baby shower By Melissadam
48. baby shower By Melissadam
49. baby shower By Melissadam
50. M By Melissadam
51. so fun By Melissadam
52. Everyday Antics By Scrapanda
53. Wedding Program Photos By Scrapanda
54. Spa Day By Scrapanda
55. 5 By ChansGram
56. 6th grade By Melissadam
57. happy halloween By Melissadam
58. fall By Melissadam with twist
59. Oh so lovely By ChansGram
60. special mickey raincoat... By Marcilb
61. Baby you can drive my car... By Marcilb
62. 19 of 52: Here Come the Bride By Stopnstare07
63. 18 of 52: My Favorite Things By Stopnstare07
64. Treasure Everyday Memories By Sewflake
6. Memories to Treasure By Sewflake
66. lyric challenge By Briannasmom
67. july By Briannasmom
68. luck o' the irish By Melissadam
69. bath time By Melissadam
70. Life's A Beach By Bellesmommy05
71. Employee of the Month By Scrapanda
72.-74. Misc. cards By Tinadn
73. Love Cherish Adore By Tinadn
74. wrestler hands, soccer feet By Tinadn
75. Fright Delight Journaling Blocks By Bellesmommy05
76. relax read By Melissadam
77. Leonor By Boricuapr
78. All girl By ChansGram
79. thankful hearts By Melissadam
80. give thanks By Melissadam
81. I love you By Melissadam
82. thinking of you By Melissadam
83. loons By Melissadam
84. Happy Thankgiving By Happy Go Lucky with twist
85. You are my sunshine By Happy Go Lucky
86. Boo Pencil holders By Njr007
87. Celebrate Today By AuntJo
88. Always By AuntJo
89. Birthday Polka Dots By AuntJo
90. skylar By Melissadam
91. fun photos By Melissadam
92. happiness By Melissadam
93. Private bath, no peeking By Tinadn
94. Ft. Huachuca By Boricuapr
95. Colorado River By Boricuapr
96. Hopi House By Boricuapr
97. Spooktacular By AuntJo with twist
98. Corner Bookmark By AuntJo
99. 49647.html (Aunt Jo)
100. One of a kind leaf By Lamoo12
101. C=Costume By Pam In TX
102. Halloween LOTW By Pam In TX
103. Grandpa's Help'r By Sewflake
104. A Wish Came True By Boricuapr
105. Two of a kind (Scraps of Darkness) By Marcilb
106. Halloween LOTW By Pam In TX with twist
107. Halloween LOTW By Pam In TX
108.-109. Shopping Cart (dbl) By Lamoo12
110. Dress Rehearsal By Sewflake
111. Twice the Fun! By Sewflake
112. autumn colors By Melissadam
113. apple pickin' time By Melissadam
114. untitled By Melissadam
115. untitled By Melissadam
116. Achilleion Palace, Corfu, Greece - RIGHT SIDE By ScrappinTraveler
117. Achilleion Palace, Corfu, Greece - LEFT SIDE By ScrappinTraveler
118. Funday Sunday By Marcilb
119. Happy Birthday Hofbrau Haus By Boricuapr
120. Great Smoky Railroad By Sewflake
121. fall By Melissadam
122. autumn's palette By Melissadam
123. madonna By Melissadam
124. 5th Birthday By Bellesmommy05
125. The Apples By Marcilb
126. Butterfly Cupcake Wrappers By LotsToScrap
127. read to me? By Melissadam
128. Temple of Zeus, Athens, Greece - LEFT SIDE By ScrappinTraveler
129. Temple of Zeus, Athens, Greece - RIGHT SIDE By ScrappinTraveler
130. Autumn By NMscrapper
131. Joy (deer) Tags By Njr007
132. Santa Tags By Njr007
133. Mitten Tags By Njr007
134. Joy Tags By Njr007
135. Happy Birthday By Njr007
136. Thanks Sew Much Card By LotsToScrap
137. Thank You Card By LotsToScrap
138. Family Banner Chicken Wire Frame By LotsToScrap
139. Mother Thank You By Boricuapr
140. Love Story By Briannasmom
141. untitled By Briannasmom
142. cardinal By Melissadam
143. brrr By Melissadam
144. big adventure By Melissadam
145. good times By Melissadam
146. watch dog By Melissadam
147.-150. (dkscrapper)
151. School/Fall LOTW By Pam In TX
152. Undercover By NMscrapper
153. School/Fall LOTW By Pam In TX
154. RDSS 15 By Melissadam
155. wedding By Melissadam
156. Picture perfect By ChansGram
157. [url= 55483.html]i
158. sweet By Melissadam
159. li'l cowpokes By Melissadam
160. 55935.html (YourScrapAttack)
160. harvest welcome By YourScrapAttack (with twist)
161. 55931.html (YourScrapAttack) with twist
161. 057539.html (YourScrapAttack)
162. Piazza Navona, Rome, Italy - LEFT SIDE By ScrappinTraveler
163. Piazza Navona, Rome, Italy - RIGHT SIDE By ScrappinTraveler
164. The View By Sewflake
165. Spectacular By Sewflake
166. Autumn's Path By Sewflake
167. enough said By Sewflake
168. Walking Dead 2 By Renaylucy
169. fire safety By Melissadam
170. turkey By Melissadam
171. Owl Never Do Drugs By Njr007
172. Positano, Italy - RIGHT SIDE By ScrappinTraveler
173. Positano, Italy - LEFT SIDE By ScrappinTraveler
174. 1st communion By Melissadam
175. October is for Pumpkins! By Sewflake with twist***
176.-177. Sail 2000 By Sewflake
178. Faithful By Sewflake
179.-182. joy By Happy Go Lucky
183. Wild and Free By NMscrapper
184. No Title-For a friend By Marcilb
185. my girls By Melissadam
186. October Cricut Challenge - Card w/Twist/witch By Nanasan with twist***
187. October Cricut Challenge - Pumpkin Card W/Twist By Nanasan with twist***
188. October Cricut Challenge By Nanasan
189. Cherish By Scrapanda
190. School picture By ChansGram
191. Times To Remember By Sewflake
192.-193. Vista Eagles 2012 By Lpeeps
194. Merry Christmas W/Love By Njr007
195. Stocking Tag By Njr007
196. Snowman Poop Card By Njr007
197. Let It Snow Tags By Njr007
198. Noel Tag By Njr007
199. Snowman Mitten Tags By Njr007
200. Thank you-Helmet By Lpeeps
201. Thank You-Football By Lpeeps
202. BOO By Anna C with twist
203. Christmas Card By Anna C
204. Merry Christmas By Anna C
205. 3D Chevron Pumpkins By LotsToScrap with twist
206. nachos and tigers By Melissadam
207. play offs By Melissadam
208. true love By Melissadam
209. Melissadam
210. Happy Halloween By Boricuapr with twist
211. fall By Melissadam
212. fall By Melissadam
213. just a note By Melissadam
214. a new recruit By Melissadam
215. Pumpkins and Leaves By Sewflake with twist
216. Close Your Eyes By Scrapanda
217. Family Photos By Scrapanda
218. Baby Face By Scrapanda
219. BRAvo By Melissadam
220. tags By Tinadn
221. Hero Arts card challenge By Tinadn
222. Halloween Candy Favors By SonjaC
223. Santa hat tags By Njr007
224. Santa tags By Njr007
225. Candy Cane tags By Njr007
226. Tree tags By Njr007
227. Stream Walkers By Sewflake
228. carve By Melissadam with twist
229. school pic By Melissadam
230. Greensboro Pride By Melissadam
231.-22. miss you By Melissadam
233. love you By Melissadam

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In response to njr007

me, me, me!

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In response to melissadam

I'm in again, thanks!

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In response to NMscrapper

Me too! Thanks Norma!

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In response to NMscrapper

I'm in again! Since joining this challenge for the first time in September I went from 5 carts to 13. Now I need to use them.

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In response to Scrapnut16

I will be in again. I will be participating in fewer challenges this month, this one I can just not give up.

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In response to njr007

Hi Norma! Can you add me to the list?


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me again! me again!

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Sign me up please~

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In response to LotsToScrap

Updated to here....

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In response to njr007

Sign me up again please! Hope to do better in October!


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In response to nanasan

Me please Norma! I am using my Cricut soooo much since this challenge!

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In response to Scrapanda

count me in
excited about the twist

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In response to tinadn

Count me in again! Already have projects ready to cut on the Gypsy!

happy go lucky
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happy go lucky
In response to SonjaC

Please count me in. I have to make Thanksgiving cards - so I will DEFINITELY be MORE productive and boost the numbers.
Again Norma, thanks so much for hosting.

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In response to happy go lucky

Yes please

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In response to julie101

I'm here...again!

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In response to AuntJo

may i please play again? last month started out smooth but the last 2 weeks ended in disaster,

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In response to YourScrapAttack

I'm here to play!

Anna C
Anna C 
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Anna C
In response to Lamoo12

Hope I'm not too late! Please count me in!

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