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  • KAR49 on 10-18-13 04:31 PM

FONTS: I love the font, "RESPECTIVE" for my Book of Me........however, when printed it it is way too flourishy (is that a word?) to print in a smaller size. I want something similar, but have had no luck and since my BOM is going to be mainly journaling with embellishments and very few photos....the journaling will be very any suggestions for a font would be greatly appreciated.........perhaps a Shabby Chic look.......yet that I can write what I want and not worry about people needing a magnifying glass to read it.

Thanks these forums. I learn so much (and it always costs me money! Funny how that happens

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I have found that most flourishy fonts, if you will, have to be used in a very LARGE font size to be used in and read. This makes them only really useful as a title. I have downloaded a lot of free fonts from website. Grunge, retro, fourishy, vintage.

I think you are correct in wanting something easy on the eyes for most of your journaling.

On my ancestry work, I sometimes use a Large flourish font for the name of the family or person and then finish it in a more simple font for dates, etc.

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  • Vae on 10-18-13 07:20 PM
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I like "curly" is one of the categories and I've found some gorgeous fonts there with just the right amount of flourish. Please keep us updated on what you decide :-)

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Hey Jude
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'Angelina' is one of my favorites.

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