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I have made Christmas cards by hand for the first time ever but my husband did bring up a good point. How are you going to send some of those elaborate ones? How does one send a card that won't fit into a regular card envelope? Do you hand deliver it? With or without an envelope? Put it in a very large envelope? How much is it going to cost me to mail these certain cards? Help! Some advise please.


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You could make a bigger envelope.

I'm never sure about the price, it's so frustrating to me. Once, I sent several that I knew were EXACTLY the same but some ended up costing more.

I did just send a card in a small bubble mailer and it was $2.07, if that helps at all. It was 1.80 ounces. Not sure what is a bigger deal, size of the envelope or the weight.

Sometimes if I send them in a regular envelope, I'll cut a piece of cardstock to cover the front of the card to protect the lumpy things or keep the envelope from getting a hole next to the lumpy thing.

Hopefully someone else will come along with a better answer for you.

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If I make bulky cards, I usually allocate them to people I can hand-deliver to. A piece of bubble wrap cut to size is a great way of protecting from holes, and weighs very little.

You'll have to check out the rules of the postal system where you live. In the UK there are maximum dimensions and weights for each price range. I usually make my cards to fit an envelope rather than the other way around, just in case the card turns out to be a tiny bit into the next price range - that is very irritating!

I've heard that square cards cost more to send than rectangular (they don't in the UK), and have always wondered why you can't just put them in a rectangular envelope.

And yes, I also make envelopes to fit cards. Or you can cut down a large envelope to fit your card. It isn't difficult, and you can use scraps of leftover papers to customise the envelope to match. Do some google searches for envelope making, or just start playing with a piece of copy paper until you have a design you like. Or you can buy a gadget like those I've attached.

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First you need to make a custom envelope........and then ask yourself.........are you sending these to people you sell all of the time.............or those you want to catch up with................I find my relatives that I see or speak with a lot could care less.....and they get tossed..........a few that are out of town, especially the older ones do appreciate them, but they appreciate photos of children each person is different.......a lot of time, "self" and money go into these cards................send them tot hose what you know would make their day.............usually older family members who love knowing about distant nieces and are always loved...............

I gave up sending out 100's of cards many years ago...............especially to those people I see all of the time..................they know what's happening and I am mainly doing them to "show off" my scrapping ability............and all they really want is a nice photo.

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I mostly send them in bubble envelopes; so needless to say only close family and friends get them!
I am blessed to have family in town and of course hand deliver them at our family Christmas party~

Sometimes, if not too elaborate, thy do fit in a regular card envelope - and so after adding addresses,
I cover the back & front with clear packing tape.
That seems to prevent anything 'poking out' from inside.
Do NOT cover the area where the postage will go.
I take these to the post office and sometimes they are only .65c to mail; sometimes more.
Hope that helps!~Karen

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It's hard to keep them flat enough for a regular envelope. Any bulk at all and they'll have to hand stamp which costs 20 cents extra. If it's over the weight or the envelope is larger it will be even more. In the past I usually sent out about 50 cards but this year I'm just going to limit to a few out of state friends and family. I know a lot of people who use to send cards have drifted off. Most don't seem interested in the gesture at all anymore. Sad but true.

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If I have doubt about a card price to send, I take one with the envelope to the PO and ask-they will usually tell me without any trouble. But if you add to the card- more pics or other embellishments- after you get the price you may have to pay more if the weight or thickness has increased.

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