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My DH is building me a scrapbook room of my dreams! I will send pics when done. My question is, I finally have tons of drawers and shelves! How do my fellow scrappers organize your drawers? Pics would be great!!!!

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Things in my drawers...hee hee stuff that doesnt get used much!!

Lol...i like to see my stuff...if i see it i can use it! So my drawers have stamps n ink pads, photo paper, my pens stored horizontally in boxes by size (fine, extra fine), and memorabilia i havent scrapped yet. On my shelves i store the things i grab most often...paper, idea books n mags, Cuttlebug n dies, photoboxes, box of paper scraps, cutters, n sticker/embellie boxes.

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I have two drawers for ribbons. a drawer for all my stuff for altered projects, a drawer for tools, a drawer for all my masks, I have one for stamps I use all the time, and several for different embellishments. I keep all my paints, inks, and liquid type things on shelves. I am not sure you would call it organized except that each drawer is for certain things. congrats on the new scrap room.

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I have two of these drawer chests. One is filled with all my wooden stamps, ink pads and stamp supplies. The other has a drawer for paints, one for embossing, one for stitching, and other miscellaneous supplies. What I like best about these drawers is that they are very shallow and everything is layed out pretty much in one layer in the drawer. It makes it very easy to see everything and nothing gets lost or buried under other things.

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I try to keep like items together in one drawer. Adhesives go in one drawer. Cutting tools/blades go into another. And so on... In all my drawers I also further separate items into smaller bins, boxes or baskets. I don't spend much money (if anything on the containers). Mostly what matters is correct size. Find something that fits what you need it to hold and fits inside your drawer of course. Otherwise, if you want prettier, you can always alter it and add pretty papers yourself.

Adhesive Drawer By KatieJo

Stamping Supplies Bin Drawer By KatieJo

Cutting Tools Drawer By KatieJo

Eyelet and Brad Drawer By KatieJo

The third drawer has a Kleenex box, a pet wipe box and a popcorn box. Storage doesn't get any cheaper than free. And the little basket in the last drawer was probably 25 cents at a garage sale.

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