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hi..some things have changed since i was on here last, and i can't find the techical form for questions. i was told to got to the forums tab, and it should list it there, but i don't see it.

my question is that i want to go to another thread, and post a link to the thread where i explain my card project that i do for a camp for abused children. can anyone help me please?

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In response to randasue

You need to click on Forums, not just hover over it. Then the first forum in the second section is the Technical Support Forum.

How to do what you want is easy though. First open and copy the link to where you explain your card project. Then open another window or tab, and open the thread in which you want to post it.

Instead of typing in the Quick Reply box at the bottom of the thread, click Reply to the last post on the thread (actually to any of the posts). OR, you can type in the Quick Reply field and then click Preview. Either of those will bring up a bunch of little icons with blue/purple backgrounds right above your text.

To insert a link, click on the one with a green world and a chain link underneath. When you hover over it, it should say URL Link. You'll get a tiny box show. Paste the URL of your card project into the box. Then it will ask you if you want any text. You can either re-paste the same link, or say "card project" or something similar. That is the part that shows in the post.

Hope this helps?

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