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Hi all. I'm new to this and have only had my Big Shot for a month so bare with me if I don't get the lingo right.
I did some reading and found that the Bigz and Originals are some of the easiest dies to use if you want to cut fabric. I purchased some dies to cut basic Christmas shapes to make decorations with the kids. So far, so good, although my felt is getting stuck in the corner of my Bigz stars but that's another story.
Okay, I just received my latest die purchase. Retired Sizzix (Red) Originals Santa Head 38-0233 die. Saw heaps of people selling the die-cuts on ebay and just love this Santa head. Okay, so now I've got it - but after running it through my Big Shot- what the heck can I do with it? I only see now that it has dotted lines instead of cutouts for all the details. So my outer line cuts, then I get nothing but a series of dotted lines for everything else! What is the point of this die? Am I missing something? I wanted, and expected, it would cut out the details so we can just run it through with various colours to make up the complete picture but these dotted lines don't do that!
Can someone help me out here? As I'm new to this I feel as though I'm missing some important information here, like what the heck everyone on ebay is doing to get their cutouts to actually cut-out, as well as make them so nice and crisp lol!!!
Any one know what to do? I can't find any images of it in use on even Pinterest so I'm thinking there's a reason there are heaps for sale and why they retired it in the first place lol...
Thanks so much everyone!

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I have that die and usually cut several, then cut them apart and glue them back together with a flesh colored face, white beard and hat trim and leave the rest red. I've also done them by adding quilled rolls, yarn, curly ribbon and a couple of different things for his beard and the fur. I've glued googly eyes on them, chalked his pink little cheeks, made glasses out of wire...and the list goes on. Just let your imagination go wild and your Santas will truly be your own!

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