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Hi all!

I'm looking into the Project Life items as a gift for my young sister in law. She always seems interested when I'm scrapping or talking about scrapping and loves taking pictures but doesn't do anything with them. Problem is, getting into scrapbooking can be overwhelming as I'm sure you all know. There are just too many ways to do it and too many neat tools that you may need. Too much experimenting while you determine your style, besides the fact that she is a teen without the income to purchase things.

Anyway, Project Life seems like a perfect idea to get her into it. I would like to get her as much as I can, within a budget and wanted some pointers from those of you who may be familiar with Project Life. I'm not one to care about branding, so for example, I don't actually have to buy a "Project Life" album right? I can get a regular, on sale, 12x12 album, that these page protectors can fit into? (Unless 8x8 is available, I'd prefer those but I can't find page protectors that size with the pockets).

I like the "core kits." They seem reasonably priced when on sale (616 cards for $21 right now). Also the mini kits seem reasonable while currently on sale. Any other tips on things I may be able to swap out so that I can get her more?

Also, I want to make sure I get everything she needs together. Nothing is worse than a gift that you can't even use because you have to buy something else first.

So, an album, page protectors, some cards to get her started, maybe a corner rounder, pens... Am I missing anything? -Courtney

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In response to cheercorky8

You are correct. You don't have to use the "project life albums". American Crafts, We R memory, etc... 12 x 12 three ring binders work with the project life formatted page protectors. And you don't have to buy the specific Becky Higgins brand pages either. Several companies now have them in the same formats as the Becky Higgins ones. There are special Project life journaling pens too but you also don't need those. There are lots of other journaling pens out there.

I bought a simple stories set last christmas with an album (one of the simple stories albums) for my stepsons girlfriend, who wanted to get into scrapbooking. Although she loved the set, she has not even opened it all up or started because she has not made up her mind what she wants her albums to look like and she wants all of her albums to be the same kind. So, she is afraid to start with anything because of how quickly things get discontinued. I tried to explain to her that using different kinds of albums is OK (I started out with CM and well, we all know you can't get those anymore).

Anyway, my biggest piece of advice for you is, let her pick out the album (maybe give her some choices that would work with whatever else you ultimately end up purchasing). If you go with a core kit, then you'll want to do the page protectors designed for 4x6 and 3x4 cards/photos. The simple stories page protectors for their smaller albums are odd sizes for the spaces so a core kit from project life may not work very well with them. You might consider giving her a gift certificate for here ( and then the two of you go shopping here together to pick out a core kit she likes and let her pick the album and pages at the same time. That way she would definitely be getting something she wanted.

Sorry for such a long post...

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