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My Cricut Craftroom is no longer connecting? I turn on my machine and plug in the USB cord, but when I try to cut something it says that my machine is not connected. But my cords are all in. I've even tried turning the machine on and off several times and plugging in the USB to a different outlet on my computer.

Has anyone ever had this problem? Not sure if its the cord or machine?

It happened to a friend of mine and she gave up on using CCR, but I still want to use mine. I sent in request through Cricut site, but haven't heard back.


Henri Jean
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Henri Jean
In response to suznut

I would call provo craft - their customer service is awesome.

One of my USB ports is bad and won't cut but it won't support anything else either. Sometimes I try to connect my Cricut with that port and it doesn't work.

Sometimes my cable will give me a little bit of trouble and I will have to really make sure both ends are all the way connected but I've always been able to get it to work.

I would call the company - they may be able to help you determine what the problem is.

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I agree, their phone customer service is great.

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Mine did this the other day I think I have a short in my wires. I think sometimes the cricut if picky

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