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I'm flying from KS to NC to catch up with friends at an important crop. How do I travel with my stuff? What can I take and not take? I realize I can't take the kitchen sink this time. I'm worried I'll forget the important stuff. Suggestions??

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Maybe Henri can help u here...I have never flown with scrap stuff!

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If you check a bag, you can bring pretty much anything. Whenever I travel with scrapbooking stuff, I try to have a good idea of the theme I want to scrap and then I bring those items and tools with me.

Happy travels!!

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Agree - you can put just about anything in your checked bag.

That said - I just picked up another 12 x 12 artbin case with handle for trips. Then I picked up a small suitcase (mine is by Jeep) and the artbin fits right in inside.

I took my artbin to Walmart and opened every small carry-on size suitcase and only found one that would hold the artbin 12 x 12 so I bought that one (the Jeep). It is small enough to fit in the carry-on regulations for any of the airlines.

So all the papers I purchase on a trip and all my memorabilia stuff - ticket stubs, souvenir photos, post cards and anything else I don't want to risk loosing in checked luggage goes in the artbin.

We bought a rolled-up print in Egypt this year and one in China last year. I put the holders they came in the Jeep suitcase too so I can put oversized things in them. The site maps for zoos and theme parks, some place mats from restaurants and anything that won't go in my artbin. That way I can roll up things and they don't get wrinkled.

Before that I cut a Christmas wrap roll about 15" and put it in my suitcase for rolled up paper items. Even a paper towel roll works - I've used them for restaurant placemats that I wanted to use for background paper.

There is also room for me to throw a hoodie in the Jeep case in case it is cold on the plane and I have a small fold-up stool that goes in my Jeep case in case we have to wait for a cab or bus or even if we have to wait in line - like in customs!

My Jeep case has wheels which is very important to me.

Not for scrapbooking but most airlines allow you one personal item and one additional carryon. We mostly travel military so we can take as much on as we can actually carry.

For my personal item I take my backpack with camera, jewelry (if I'm taking any) and things like that. Then I stuff a lightweight purse in my backpack. Then when we get where we are going I leave the backpack in the room and just pull out my purse - ready to go.

My husband take a larger backpack with all our prescription meds and his binoculars for his personal item. He also stuffs it full of junk food. For his carry on he takes our computer bag with both of our computers in it.

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