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I have been reading other posts about how to decorate the chipboard album covers but how do you protect it once its completed? Especially if you use items with any dimension? Won't they get beat up when handled? How can you protect the edges?
Please advise. thank you in advance for sharing your knowledge.

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Ms. Fit
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Sorry to see that no one with experience in regard to your question has as yet been able to assist you. Hope that someone with such knowledge will be able to help you after the Christmas rush is over. I have never done this but would assume that however you plan on storing the album is going to have a great deal of influence on the choice of embellishments. For instance if you plan on storing it on a shelf in a row of other albums, the embellishments would have to fairly flat and firm to avoid being crushed. However, if relatively delicate or crushable items, like fabric flowers or bows, are used, the album would probably require special display considerations, possibly set into an easel type base or rack of some sort. I hope this is of some assistance in making your choices of embellishment.

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I have made several chipboard mini albums with embellishments on the front and I've found the best way to display/store them is by putting them in a basket or buy a frame stand to put them on. I like to display my mini albums around my house especially if they have to do with my family. You will find that your embellishments are tougher than we give them credit for. I use glossy accents to adhere any flowers or jewels to my mini albums and sometimes even mod podge. I hope that helps. I have some photos in my gallery if you are interested.

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