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OK right know I have the making memories trimmer that was all the hype when it came out ,never needs blades changed blah blah...well it is tearing paper know not cutting it... yes I have had it for years.but it was suppose to last forever.

So I am wanting to know what is a good one that is out these days.I have owned so many over the years I still have a couple of them.I have a cutter bee,some other one that is like cutter bee.but has a light on it.think that is what I have left..

But I need a new one something that cuts good and straight

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I have the two trimmers below and enjoy both of them. The 12 inch is very large and folds up and with the space I have, I don't always have it out handy. Therefore I also have the 9 inch bypass which is handy, easily picked up with one hand to trim photos and mats and anything smaller.

The 12 inch has an LED light...don't really see the point of that and you DO have to replace both the rotary blade and the cut bar occasionally. The cut bar can be rotated and flipped over so that you have more than one side. I like it that the Fiskars replacement blades and cut bars are easily found in craft stores and here.

The 9 inch has a titanium guillotine style blade, very sharp, nothing to replace and will last a long time. I like it because it's small and I can keep it right next to me while I'm working.

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I have the smaller Fiskars posted above. awesome. Easy to transport and cuts nice and straight. The one I have has a guide wire so u can see where it will cut.

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Another big fan of Fiskars trimmers. There are different styles and sizes. I have a "few" and each one is just right. Blades are cheap and easy to replace.

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I have a Fiskars one as well. Love it, though the wire does break. It works fine without the wire (they replace it - more just a hassle as when it breaks I usually have to replace the blade afterwards as well).

Best part - the 6" platform - no more pulling out the arm for routine size cuts.

I did love my original fiskars 12" trimmer - just hard to find replacement blades now and it is wearing out. I had a cricut one for a bit - it didn't last too long and just didn't cut right. The cutterpede is ok - dd likes hers, but I don't care much for it. I have had 4-5 others that I didn't like either. Sorry, don't remember the types. Just remember the one I like the best.

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I have used a Creative Memories 12inch cutter for about 6 years and love it.
Sadly though, the Australian Division has closed down. I don't know what I'll do when I run out of blades. I'll have to come back to this forum to see what the most popular suggestion was for a new trimmer also.

cheers Angela

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