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Although Ive been scrapping for about a year and a half I"ve never done stamping, I would like to start but don't know where to start. What is the easiest way and what is a cling mounted stamp? Thanks for your help. Lynne

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Cling mounted stamps are stamps without the wood backing that you put on an acylic block. It saves storage space and you can see where you place the stamp.

You can use ink to stamp or a special ink that is clear that once stamped on paper you can dust area with an embossing powder and heat that raises the stamped area...Hmmm go to you tube and look for stamp embossing. You also can use water markers to color the stamp and then stamp.

Be very careful...buying stamps is very very addictive.

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Hi Lynne

Start small and just play. Clear stamps are definately easier to use as you can see where you are putting them on your LO. There are also lots of different types of inks.

As Southgirl wrote - it is addictive. Find a scrap buddy and just play around, look at other peoples work and ask questions. I'm sure everyone will be willing to share ideas and tips with you.

Just don't be scared to try thing, there are no mistakes. If something doesn't work, layer more stamps over it...

Have fun , look forward to seeing what you create.

cheers Angela

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I have so. Many. Stamps. I used to buy lots of clear polymer stamps, but found that some types of ink bead up on them and don't give as crisp an impression as a rubber stamp does. I like cling stamps the best--they have the traditional rubber facing with a foam backing, used on acrylic blocks like southgirl said.

Some things I've found helpful: having some kind of mat with some "give" under the paper you're stamping on. I usually use the foam mat that came with my Sew Easy kit, but a mouse pad or old magazine could work just as well. Baby wipes are great for cleaning stamps off as long as you do it right away instead of letting the ink dry. Research your stamp pads before you invest a lot into them--different ink types have different uses that they're best for, depending on what surface you're stamping, if you're embossing or not, and how opaque you want your image to be.

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