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Sorry to be asking so many questions in a row. I hope I'm not violating some unwritten forum rule. I just have several things that don't necessarily belong in the same post. That being said, do you notice a difference particularly in 5x7 snapshots between 10 megapixels and higher? A camera store owner recently told me that the number of megapixels isn't as important as the size of the sensor, which was something I'd heard before but am not sure if its true. Since I primarily take photos to be viewed on a computer screen or as prints I'm really only concearned with the number of megapixels to achieve the highest quality in those sizes. So, what's your take, is there really a noticeable difference between a 10 mgpxl camera and a 16 or 20 one?

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I've heard as long as you have 8 you're good.
Anything higher really doesn't matter...unless you plan on making poster size images of your pictures... if so, you may want to invest in higher.

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Yes, if you have 10 or more it is good for computer screen viewing. A lot of the new cameras have video options so they are making sure the sensors are able to handle HD.

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