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I have 8 washi tape dispensors.
I love them. When I seen this product I thought
how great if I can connect them.

However, it only connects to one of my dispenser.
7 of them have a different bottom.
I had several people look at it and came to same
conclusion company made two different washi tape models and it only fits one type.

My question is does company know?

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In response to jmcerny

I'm confused. What product are you talking about?

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In response to Luvmyfam

Hi and welcome.

We would love to help you, but you would need to be more specific.
Which company? This one -
Which product?
Which Washi tape?

Maybe you could link to the products here in the Superstore, so that we can see what you mean. Please don't post links to other stores though, as that is against the Ts&Cs.

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