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I'd like to scan bunch of my old photos. So I was wondering about what would you advise me to look for when choosing a scanner? There's an article that only threw me in a greater dilemma than I already had.
So, in plain English - what do you look for in a scanner?

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If the primary thing you are going to use the scanner for is scanning old photos, I would actually look into a photo scanner instead of a document scanner. That's what I have and it works quite well. My scanner also comes with an insert for scanning negatives/slides (although I haven't had time to try that part yet.)

I'd look for something with a decent optical resolution (in case you want to do enlargements of photos) - I think 4800x9600dpi is the lowest on the market but still quite good.
Does the software that comes with it offer dust correction? (useful for old photos)
Does the software correct for scratches/faded photos? (also useful for old photos)
Does the software work on your computer (i.e. operating system, Mac or PC, etc.)?
Does the lid pop-up/come off to allow scanning photos/text in a book?
Does it still scan text well enough?

I have an Epson V370 - it's the lower end Epson photo scanner, but it works well for me. There are many different models - all have similar features, but some have a better resolution than mine. They also progressively increase in price.

Hope some of this helps!

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