Username Post: Has anyone tried the new DIY chalkboard paint or products?        (Topic#1594499)
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So I saw the new DIY shop collection chalkboard paint and chalkboard supplies from the Spring 2014 CHA videos and fell in love with the idea. For some reason, it looks so clean and new and inspiring. They are on sale now and am soooooooo tempted to buy. Does anyone here have experience with these things, esp. the paint? I'm gathering the chalk markers work on top of the paint, but what exactly would you paint? Cardstock album pages? Journal covers? Tags? I would love a class on techniques for this. I'm just afraid if you used the paint it would look sloppy if you didn't get it just right or that the embellishments, etc. would look too "schoolhouse" and couldn't be used for much else. Examples and experiences welcome!

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Haven't seen these before and now I'm interested too! Especially in the markers because I've only seen white or colors that I would never use! I also like how there are other colors of the paint too...will have to be on the lookout for these.

I think it would be fun to try it on tags, cards, embellishments...

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I have wondered the same thing. A few moments ago, it occurred to me that these might be fun for updating a wood serving tray; leaving plenty of blank space in the center to add a love note.

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I will be interested as well. Have not used them or tried them.

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Yes I have used chalkboard paint. I got the Martha Stewart one at Michaels and use it on glass mostly and also on these plastic containers from the dollar store. I redid my pantry with them chalkboard style and then I did my spice jars with them too. Super easy and cute!

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does the paint smear or look like brush strokes???
I am kinda into this idea also!

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