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I just purchased a cuttlebug and am having problems with other brands of dies. None of the other brands of dies fit, despite following the recommended sandwich. They are either too thick or too thin. any suggestions?

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You didn't say what brand, but if they are too thin, you may use a shim by adding card stock to the sandwich. I'd ask the die manufacturing co. If its too thick, but they claim it will cut in the Cuttlebug.

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Yes, definitely a shim for the ones that are too thin. I haven't had any trouble with any being to thick but I do remember it seeming that way when I first got mine. It just wouldn't roll through and I thought I was going to break something. After a few uses and some muscle it went through fine and has since. I'm not necessarily recommending that you try this though, I would feel awful if your bug broke!

I've also searched you tube for whatever die brand AND cuttlebug. You can usually find a video and see what sandwich they're using.

Good luck.

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Good luck with your bug. I always have success with Spellbinders and My favorite Things. I have also had good luck with the Anna Griffin dies. Marianne and Cheery Lynn work for me. Is there a specific brand you have questions about? The ones that are thick such as Fuse do NOT work. I love my cuttlebug.

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