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I am in love with this idea. Currently I use painters tape, but of course, this would be easier and faster. My question is, how to you use this with the curl of the cutting plates? My plates aren't flat due to use, and it seems to me the die would slide around on the plate and the magnet wouldn't hold it because of that curl.

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I don't have this one, but I do have this: Lifestyle Crafts - QuicKutz - Genius Ultimate Platform System - 6 x 13 Magnetic Platform I just wish you could see through the plates. They are nice because they're pretty self healing and aren't supposed to curl and they haven't yet, which I love. I also like that they're long. The sandwiching is really easy but you do need to buy an additional B plate to use the steel rule dies.

If the magnet is on the bottom, I wouldn't think the curling would cause much trouble with the one you linked though. It's kind of nice having the magnet.

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I have this and it works good. One plate is bowed and marked but the other plate is flat. (I try to remember to cut on one plate and leave the other clean). It works great but...I still use post it notes to keep them in place. Painters tape seemed to rip my paper. I just want to be sure I position it right.

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