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Hi Everyone,
I am after some ideas of what I should put in a digital scrapbook for my MIL for her 70th birthday.
I am thinking of doing a this is your life kind of thing.
So birth, wedding, children etc.
But I would really love some ideas on some pages I could do. I haven't attempted this kind of thing before. I had done my kids first year and wedding album but I don't know what direction to take with this one.
Any help and ideas would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

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Gelidy Gelato
In response to tennille82

I would ask her some questions like what is your favorite flower? what tv show did you like as a kid? What movie star did you have a crush on? What is your favorite book? What is your favorite song? Find images on the internet for the answers and then work them into the pages along with your other photos. You can even include silly things like her favorite coffee mug, pillow, lipstick, high heels, flavor of milkshake.
You might have to be a little sneaky asking the questions.
What things give her amazing how sometimes we forget to photograph the most simplest of things, places, activities that give us the most joy.

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How about a guest book/yearbook sort of idea? A page where friends and family jot a small memory or something they love about her. It could be "real" writing or even a collage of pictures if some members are far away.

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