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  • croj on 03-30-14 05:39 AM

I am new here and wanted to pass on a tip which I find very helpful. On a detailed die which is hard to remove without tearing. I first spray the die with silicone(?spelling). Let dry a few minutes. This makes it very easy to remove the paper from the die without tearing. Hope this helps everyone.

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Wow this sounds very interesting. Is it permanent? Or do you have to spray next time? Whar brand do you use? I imagine it has to dry good to not come odff on the paper.

I just used this die and used wax paper and it worked beautifully for me. The first time I used the doe I couldn't get my die cuts out without tearing.

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Thanks for that great hint!

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Huh. I've always used waxed paper. You don't get any residue from the spray?

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