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Is anybody else here digitally cataloging their available materials/tools/etc so it will be easier to browse it without having to pull them out of the drawers? I find pinterest useful for this but I would like something more organized.
Ideas anyone?

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I keep a physical inventory catalog of my stamps, punches, and dies, and also have all them listed in a Word document (but without pictures). Here are some examples of the inventory pages:

Inventory Binder - Sizzix Embossing Folders By Aquabunny

Inventory Binder - Punches By Aquabunny

Inventory Binder - Sizzix Dies By Aquabunny

Inventory Binder - Stamps By Aquabunny

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Most of the stuff I've catalogued (only a fraction of the stuff I've got) is in loose-leaf binders. The only thing I did on the computer is my list of cricut cartridges, which I entered in an Excel spreadsheet, along with information about each cart. This comes in very handy, and I've printed out the spreadsheet as well.

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If you look in my gallery, I recently posted 3 screenshots of how I'm digitally organizing my stamps. I'll be doing my dies, punches and embossing folders the same way. (Click on the picture to open it up into the other views.)

I also keep an ongoing spreadsheet with all of my supplies, except I don't list consumables like paper, c/s, and adhesives. I don't want to constantly update my inventory every time I use a piece of paper. If I get duplicate papers, I don't mind, but I get tired of buying duplicate stamps and other only-need-one items.

The only things I keep an actual hands-on inventory for are my punches. For those, I make a sample punch on a 3x5 index card, label it with the name and any other info. I want to include, then punch a hole in the top corner and keep it on a jumpring. I keep this on top of my box of punches so I can flip through instead of digging through them all. I started this before I had the digital inventory set up and so I still keep doing it.

I have a binder that I keep a few printed things, like color charts for Tim Holtz inks and Lindy's sprays. For me, it's easier to just look through my computer file and/or spreadsheet.

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Me! I use googledrive to keep track of my inks & distress stuff, mists and sprays, embossing folders, embossing powders, dies, stickles and other decorative glue things, copics, and nailpolish. One of the best things about this is that I can access it from anywhere on my phone - so when I'm shopping it keeps me from buying duplicates.

For my dies I also keep a word document with an image of the die set (just copy the image from the manufacturer's website and paste into the document) - it's much easier to browse through than pulling out several heavy boxes of dies.

My laptop is always on so everything is really easy to access

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I have a simple mini notebook and list all stamps etc. rarely use it

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I had a spreadsheet that inventoried everything from my albums and available pages for each album, to papers, die-cuts, stickers, etc. But my laptop crashed, and now I'm starting from scratch. I'm debating how I want to redo my inventory now, especially because I have used mostly Creative Memories albums, and now that they've completely changed, I can't order refills if I need them.

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I take pictures of my pattern papers, stickers, embellishments, dies, etc. and keep them in photo albums on my phone and computer.

Several times, a quick check of the photos, stopped me from buying duplicates.

I also go through my photos to pick out paper. Less wear and tear on the paper and I have come up with different combinations that wouldn't have occurred to me because I wouldn't have physically looked through everything.

It seems like a lot of work to take photos of everything but it goes fast and you really appreciate having them when shopping.

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