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I bought a 8.5x11 album which I love the size!

I also got Page Protectors - Nine 3.5 x 2.625 Inch Photo Sleeves as I have a heap of photos from my wedding from the reception and thought this would be great for this.

I started cutting them up, but thought there must be any easier way??
I even tried to make some sort template out of cardstock to quicken the process, but didnt work out as well as expected.

Anyone use these and know of simple and accurate way to cut up a bunch of photos?


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I make my own templates out of vellum. It helps to be able to see the photo, which you can't do with a cardstock template. Once I decide where to crop the photo, I measure from one side of the photo to the template, and then cut that much off with my trimmer. I do the same on all sides.

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