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Hi everyone - I'm new here. I'm about to have my first baby, and I'd like to make scrapbook of my own, in place of the typical baby book/fill in the blank books you buy at the store. I want to record important milestones from my pregnancy, and then the first year or so after baby is born. I have no idea what to put in it! Does anyone have any links to either questions/ideas for baby books, or actual fill in the blank sheets I can choose from and print?

Any ideas are much appreciated. Thanks!

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I would recommend searching the gallery here for baby books and doing a search on will likely find lots of inspiration!
I started scrapping with my sons baby album but didn't actually start it until he was two! The first while you are so busy and sleep deprived that you likely won't get much done! I recommend getting a cute little notebook where you can write yourself notes on your thoughts, feelings, dates, weights, milestones think you will remember, but you won't!
Have fun and welcome to this wonderful hobby!

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I did an album for my son for his 21st and I stared with photos from birth. I included a basic family tree for him. I also included his date of birth, weight, length, time of birth and where he was born. My son was very accident prone so I did a journal page of his accidents and put some small photos on the page. His album ended up being 2 albums.

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I did a first year album for each of my two kids that is roughly a baby book. I started it with the photos taken in the hospital by the professional photographer. I also did a photo shoot of the baby each month in the same chair to show growth and change. For my second child I had signs that said 1 month, 2 months, etc.

I also was sure to include pictures of a variety of family holding the baby. I included the baby info card and foot prints from the hospital. Of course, tons of pages and pictures from the events of the first year and journaling about what he/she was doing at the time. I finished my son's with a picture of the toys that he loved the most.

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Many congrats!

I did a baby boy book (primary colors) and a baby girl book (pink and white) as a gift for two relatives. They're in my gallery, if you want to check them out. (But I didn't go the "traditional" route with "baby's first bath, baby's first tooth" etc.)

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I would go to the store and look through the premade baby books - you will probably get a lot of ideas you want to include. Then do the layouts the way you want to do them. There will be things you probably didn't think of!

When I did a baby book for our first granddaughter I did it from the baby's perspective.

My name is and I was born at _____ this morning. My mom's name is______ and my daddy's name is________.

The hospital nurse dressed me in a diaper and a white gown and put a knitted cap on my head. I sure hope mom brought pretty clothes for me to bring home from the hospital....

Mom calls me her little honey bear and daddy calls me the little governess. He says that is because a governess teaches things and already he is learning about life from me.

Mommy is so gentle when she holds me. Daddy is too but he has such big hands and arms - I feel very safe when he holds me.

For the pages when she got home from the hospital she even describes her nursery and what a nice job daddy did painting it such a pretty shade of teal blue and how mommy has it decorated with seahorses and sea creatures and happy fish.

My journaling for the first year or so followed that style.

My thoughts are that she will eventually get the book someday and would enjoy it more written as if she had written it.

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great idea about a notebook!!!
I have a 9 year old whose baby book is still incomplete!!! sad!!! I quit working on it around 9 months! good luck and just do your best afterall your a busy new mom!!!

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OH huge credit to the suggestion of a notebook for the first year. I just found one I started for my first child and there is sooooo much I forgot about in those first days/months.

This way when you go to do the album (whenever it is) you will have all of it right there.

I just had a baby last year, I started using one of the new pocket page books. The small note cards were a nice size and I could put hospital bracelets, ultrasound pictures and the bassinets card in the pockets. Its all right there on my desk for when I am ready.

Just a note on Ultrasound photos, they fade if left out. Make sure they are not somewhere they are getting sun. Footprints as well. I had a friend frame hers and put in her office, by 6 moths there was nothing on the page.

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